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Last Update: 06/March/2003
Since: --/July/2002

The Face that launch the spiders...

~ Screen Caps for OAV 3-6 are now up, we can now drool at their faces again ^_^

Aoi:gomen, minna-san I will soon replace the caps in Yorkshin auction
Akirin, Kaze: Hurry up, or Hisoka will wear a pink tutu!

Welcome to Addicted to Hunter x Hunter. Here we offer screen caps, manga scans and maybe a few more things in the future. Please don't take any of the images here without permission. (Using them for personal use is ok) Requests for certain manga scans and screen caps are welcome.

This is just a joint sub-site, run by the webmistress of aoi notes (owned by aoi) and the webmistress of A Hunter's World (owned by Akirin) and we're glad to announce that a new webmistress, Kaze, has joined us to help keep this site going. Both aoi notes and A Hunter's World are general HxH sites, so if you would like to see more images, character profiles, fanclubs, episode summaries, Anime goods info, Seiyuu info, info about the author of HxH, a bbs, wallpapers, mp3s, winamp skins, icons and more, *pant*pant* we suggest that you visit both sites.